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Friends of Citizen Corps Council of Pierce County

Bi-Monthly Meetings

Throughout the year, CCC-PC has general bi-monthly meetings designed to build friendship and an understanding of who can do what.  Each meeting has an informational component to enrich and encourage participants to stay engaged.  Special guests as well as members may share experiences or how their organizations operate. These meetings are held on the first Thursday of every even-numbered month at different locations throughout the county.  They are open to everyone.  Dates, times and locations are sent out on the Monthly Tips as well as reminder emails.

Board Meetings

Only formal members of CCC-PC are the board members. The Board helps guide the direction of the organization, seek funding, support outreach (including this website) and provide training opportunities.  Board members oversee the committees that help keep us functioning.  People who have skills and want to be more engaged are welcome to attend these meetings.  We need YOUR help to keep us moving forward.


Community Emergency Response Teams  (CERT)

An anchor for Citizen Corps, CERT provides individuals with skills important in responding to disasters.  See our special section about the different CERT teams in Pierce County and resources available to them.


Care Teams

These special teams are trained through Associated Ministries to provide spiritual and emotional support for people in disaster shelters and helps direct them to appropriate resources. Registration is through Associated Ministries.
Visit the webpage at


Community Sheltering-People who are interested in supporting a disaster emergency shelter can take this class.  Participants can be called to help in shelters opened up following a disaster and may even be able to support Red Cross shelters.  This class is typically offered 2X a year. Shelter volunteers must have active WA State Emergency Worker cards.


Citizen Corps Council-Emergency Operations Center Liaison

This class is offered twice a year for people interested in working at the Citizen Corps table in the Emergency Operations Center.  EOC protocols and procedures are explained plus hands-on experience with the technologies used.  These volunteers are crucial to the coordination of our CCC activities, including sheltering and supporting our residents who have been impacted.


Disaster Survivors Advocacy Team (DSAT)

Offers a unique community-wide coordinated response to aiding people impacted by disasters.  Part of Citizen Corps Council of Pierce County, DSAT is comprised of nonprofit, faith-based, private sector, and government agencies working together to best support citizen recovery efforts.  Honoring each other’s strengths and capabilities, DSAT team members work together to effectively help residents get their feet back on dry ground. No single agency or organization has the tools to provide all the support and guidance disaster survivors need.  The goal of DSAT is to make join forces to make it easier for people to access support services and not fall through the cracks.  DSAT members meet periodically throughout the year to strengthen their partnership and hone their skills.  New partners are always welcome to join the team!

Pierce County Neighborhood Emergency Teams (PC-NET)

Provides neighbors with the knowledge and tools necessary to work together for an effective response following emergencies and disasters. Professional responders will not be available to assist you after a major disaster—you become the first responder. If individuals and their neighbors are prepared to mutually assist one another, lives can be saved and property can be spared. This program teaches neighborhoods how to respond to disasters through a variety of training modules taught by your local PC-NET coordinators, local emergency responders, and your appointed neighborhood block coordinator(s). Visit the web page at

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