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Puget Sound Energy Foundation

A $4,500 Grant to bring together Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program managers and trainers to share best practices for improved training success, to provide CERT leadership with advanced training and networking opportunities.  In addition, we wanted to provide CERT backpacks with emergency response equipment for the two new CERT programs in the county.

Supporting these new programs by supplying kits for local training, removed barriers in those outlying areas of the county.  In a disaster, these CERT teams can assist their neighborhoods or help those nearby before emergency responders can get to them.  Additionally, the purchase of team shirts, whistles, and all-weather field tablets for all of our CERT programs is aimed at encouraging participants to continue their training beyond the basic course and participate in county-wide CERT exercises.

Fuchs Foundation

A $1000 Fuchs Foundation grant enabled CCC-PC to enlist the expertise of a Web Master to update our web site. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) team members now have access to updated information, publications, and training opportunities to expand their skills and collaboration with each other.
In addition, all Citizen Corps participants can stay informed about the different programs available, encouraging  continued involvement in our volunteer emergency response community.

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