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In addition to trainings associated with the programs listed under Working Together, additional opportunities are available for our residents.  Most of them are free but registration ahead of time is required. Schedules of these trainings can be viewed on the Monthly Tips posted in this web site, looking at the Calendar of Events or going to the Department of Emergency Management’s (DEM) straining site for class information and registration.


Learning how to use Family Radio Service equipment (walkie-talkies) can help neighbors communicate more clearly and effectively in a disaster. Information on how to get a HAM license is included at these meetings.


Disaster First Aid

Learn skills and get hands-on experience.  How to respond to injuries when the professional first responders are not available.  A First Aid certificate is awarded (no CPR training unless it is indicated on the registration form).  This class is offered several times throughout the year in different parts of the county.

ICS 700, 100 & 200

A one-day training is provided for people to take the three classes required for completion of Pierce County’s Washington State Emergency Volunteer Worker Card form, and to apply for a WA State Emergency Worker Card.  Look at the DEM schedule for the classes and to register:

These classes can also be taken on-line through the FEMA Independent Study (IS) website independently from each other.


Psychological First Aid

Learn skills and gain tools to connect with and provide emotional support for people impacted by a disaster.  This class is offered several times throughout the year in different parts of the county.

Disaster Case Management

This class is offered when funding is available and opened to those organizations that support the short and long-term recovery of our residents.

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